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            C-906(802 # multi-function)

            [This is a customized version, and the parameters can be adjusted as needed]

            No.: C-906 series (802 # multi-function model)

            Keyboard: 88 key full counterweight single key stepwise hammer keyboard

            Power supply: 15v/2A

            Switch: automatic power-off switch, 30 minute silent automatic power-off

            Display: Chinese and English LCD backlight LCD display

            Number of polyphony: 256

            Voice: 1320

            Rhythm: 400

            Bluetooth: built-in BLUETOOTH4.0 Bluetooth function (supporting Bluetooth MIDI protocol)

            Rhythm control: four segment variation, start/stop, synchronous start, 2 preludes/2 tails, accompaniment volume, chord mode, fade in/fade out

            Intelligent chord recognition: single/multi finger chord recognition mode, with chord indexing function; The second generation full keyboard chord recognition mode, 32 chord types

            Performance enhancement: dynamic response, sustain, one touch key setting, double piano, classical music, automatic accompaniment, tone brightness adjustment

            Sound effect: acoustic piano string resonance simulation, harmony, 14 track tuning console

            Pitch adjustment: transposition, ± 2 octaves, pitch

            Demonstration song: 160 songs

            Double keyboard: (separation) [+] key or [-] key directly press the piano key to select the separation point

            Multi track recording: 16 track real-time recording

            Audio recording: supports MP3 audio recording function

            Registered memory: 192 registered memories (including 32 memory databases x 6 registered memories and 19 performance memory parameters frozen)

            Play: switch synchronization stop/play

            Power: 6 levels of power, the default power on state

            Speed: press [+] [-] to switch

            Call/save: including the saving of voice, rhythm, volume, speed, transposition, strength and other parameters

            MP3 function: press [+] [-] to switch, or stop playing

            Intelligent learning: left and right hand learning function, metronome

            Voice setting: [Setting/Intensity] can select dual voice, reverb (1-8), chorus (1-8), harmony (1-10), tuning (- 100 to 100) and other functions

            Sound power: 40W bass × 2; Treble 25W × two

            Audio DSP sound effects: 11 types of global reverberation effects; 12 global chorus effect types; 15 plug-in voice DSP effect types; 6 speaker equalizer preset types

            Microphone voice effect: 12 voice effect types

            Speed: 30-280, preset 120

            Intelligent learning system: equipped with intelligent APP teaching software, which can be connected with intelligent devices through USB and other interfaces

            Interface type: multi-function pedal interface, dual headphone jack, MIDI in/out interface, power socket, audio input/output interface, USB/MIDI interface, U disk interface, microphone interface

            Energy saving setting: automatic shutdown and timed shutdown

            Attachments: Manual, warranty card, piano cover

            Size: 135.5 * 39 * 81.5cm

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